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Adam Schwam

The Hard Drive


Adam “The Hard Drive” Schwam is a recognized technology expert and the president/owner of Sandwire Corp. in Farmingdale. The company provides businesses with a full spectrum of IT services.

Adam is an Alumni Boxer returning to the ring this year. As a Fight for Charity volunteer boxer in 2004, he was a winner by Knock Out. He Knocked it Out of the park by personally raising more than $25,000 by asking one simple question, “What are a few punches worth?”

“The Fight for Charity is an organization that I wanted to be a part of since its founding. Now 15 years after my last bout in a Main Event, I am eager to dust off the gloves and get back in the ring to once again experience the thrill of facing an opponent and throwing some punches for charity,” said Adam.

“Being involved in Fight for Charity is phenomenal way to help raise funds for charitable organizations that have programs that meet the needs of countless men, women and children day-in and day-out, year- after-year. Training at the gym next to other Long Island businesspeople who have committed to this fundraising effort, is inspiring and rewarding,” he added.

Adam is a member of the Advisory Board of the Accountants Resource Group and the Board of Directors of Commerce Plaza. He served as a good will business ambassador with the United States Small Business Administration and has represented them across the globe on many occasions. He was named Member of the Year by Long Island Elite and received the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Education and Assistance Corporation. He supports the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation and many other charities.

He lives in Lynbrook with his wife and two daughters.

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