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Gina Farese

Gina "The Tornado" Farese

Marcor Construction

Gina Farese is a dedicated entrepreneur, businesswoman, and philanthropist with a passion for finding solutions to industry challenges. She's a wife and mother of two daughters, and her journey is a remarkable testament to her determination and adaptability.

At a young age, Gina demonstrated her exceptional drive by graduating high school at 16 and earning her BS in Finance by 19. She briefly explored the world of Investment Banking on Wall Street before discovering her true calling in the construction industry, inspired by her father's business. Gina started from the ground up, gaining hands-on experience in every facet of the business, eventually leading to a company takeover.

Not content with traditional boundaries, Gina saw opportunities to revolutionize the solar industry. She established a division within her father's construction business, specializing in solar service, installation, and even roofing partnerships for solar companies.

Her commitment to educating the industry is evident in her current work on an educational program about roofing for solar. This initiative aims to save companies thousands of dollars through proper installation methods and improve the overall quality of service.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gina is a dedicated advocate for cancer-related causes. Her motivation to fight for these causes comes from a deeply personal place. She is dedicated to supporting "You'll Be OK Too," a local non-profit founded by Christina Mathieson, which empowers breast cancer survivors, and she also champions Long Island Fight for Charity (LIFFC). Her generous efforts are in honor of her late mother-in-law, Linda Farese, a breast cancer survivor who she deeply admired.

Furthermore, Gina fights for her friends who have displayed remarkable strength in their battles with breast cancer. Her dear friend, Christina Mathieson, founder of "You'll Be OK Too," continues to inspire Gina. Ashlee Frasella, a childhood friend and fellow mother, Courtney Banks, a close friend who has shared many milestones with Gina, have all triumphed over breast cancer.

Gina's generosity extends to Long Island Home Builders Care (LIHBC), where she actively contributes to charitable initiatives. LIHBC, Inc. supports various community projects, including scholarships for children and grandchildren of LIBI members.

Gina Farese's impact is undeniable, from her innovative contributions to the construction and solar industries to her unwavering dedication to philanthropy. She is a shining example of a businesswoman with a heart, driving change in her community and beyond, all while honoring the incredible women who have touched her life.

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