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Alden "Hatch" Peffer

The Incredible Hatch

Windstream Enterprise

Alden “The Incredible Hatch” Peffer, Major Account Manager at Melville-based Windstream Enterprise, a communications sales consultancy for connectivity and IT overlay solutions that improve the end user’s experience.

Hatch is a member of the Queens Chamber of Commerce. His charitable activities include Welllife Network, Appalachian Service Project (ASP) and the Lustgarten Foundation.

“Some causes are worth fighting for. I want to make the world a better place and believe I can make a difference,” said Alden. “It is my obligation as a human and citizen of the planet.

“In the beginning I was excited but did not know what I was getting into. I spoke to Matt Pomara who was a boxer in 2018 and he said it was life changing. My intense training led to a loss of 25 lbs. by June 12th which was terrific. I eat healthy, workout at Planet Fitness as well as the boxing gym – Academy of Boxing, and swim for exercise.

“I feel blessed. Right now I am feeling like the best version of me and want to raise money, make a difference and make the community, the charities, my fellow boxers and the eventual spectators proud of my participation and accomplishments.

“I toured the Genesis School and that reminded me of the work and challenges children with autism deal with every day, and the teachers and parents who work with them to help with life and coping with navigating the world.

“The money raised will help three great charitable organizations, including the Genesis School with a positive and direct impact on real people in need. Mostly I want to continue the path to helping others. No matter how small or big the challenge.”

Hatch attended Alfred University. He has four children and resides in Rocky Point.

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