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Brian Schwartz

Flagstar Bank

 “The Schwartzenator”

Brian “The Schwartzenator” Schwartz is the Senior Vice President and Group Director of Investments at Flagstar Advisors. With 24 years of experience as a financial advisor, Schwartz works closely with each client to develop tailored investment strategies that align with their financial goals. Schwartz specializes in wealth advisory services for businesses and individual clients.

Schwartz prioritizes transparency and open communication, ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of their investment options and decisions. He works with clients to educate them in navigating changing financial landscapes and adjust their strategies as needed to stay on track towards their goals.

Schwartz also plays an integral role in Flagstar’s Employee Resource Group L.E.A.D. that provides an empowering and safe environment for increased professional exposure and career development and community outreach in support of causes impacting the stakeholders within the Latin community. He is also a member of Long Island Business Associates (LIBA).

Outside his professional life, Schwartz is involved in several charitable organizations including: Mariano on the Piano; St. Anthony’s Padre Pio; Bronx Veterans Medical Research; RAZOM; Uvalde Strong Survivors Fund; Open Hydrant Theater Co.; and The Point CDC.

Schwartz currently resides in Farmingdale with his wife Anna and two children, Shane and Mariano.

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